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Customer FAQ

What is The Difference between a Full Lace Wig and A Lace Frontal?

Full Lace Wigs are manufactured with a cap, and a thin lace sewn on top of the cap. Individual hairs are then sewn into the thin lace. Full lace wigs will have lace all around the unit, and require the lace to be cut prior to installing. You will be cutting a hairline around your entire head. By doing so, once done you can wear your hair anyway you like, ponytails, up-dos etc. Think about it. With this wig, you have just cut yourself a new hairline around your entire head. Once the unit is applied, you will have on a full hair wig - but the front, back, and sides of the hair wig will not be like a regular wig. The wig will appear as though it is growing directly from your head. Full lace wigs are freestyle, which means they will arrive to you unstyled and uncut. Each is capable of being parted anywhere throughout the cap for a natural appearance. All wigs are made with 100% Indian Remy hair or 100% Chinese Remy hair.

Lace Frontals are manufactured with a thin lace that extends from ear to ear across the front hairline. Lace frontal hair pieces are used to close in a sew-in weave across the front hairline. When you receive the unit the lace will be really long in the front, you will cut the lace along the front of the unit. The goal here is to create a new natural looking hairline. You will not cut all of the lace, as you will apply adhesive to the lace just as you would for a full lace wig. Once the unit is applied, you will then sew-in weft hair like you would a normal weave in the back of your head to complete a full head weave. You cannot wear this wig in a high ponytail or up-dos etc.

All wigs have full bleach knots, single knots at hairline & double knots elsewhere, and full perimeter baby hairs.

What is a “Silk top base”? 

A silk top base is an overlay of fine silk used to cover the knots on your lace unit in the front portion where you do most of your parting. You can throw those wig caps away and never have to worry about someone getting too close to your scalp and seeing a hint of lace and its knots. There will be none! The silk can be either mono or colored to match your skin tone. The results, a totally undetectable unit whose knots and lace can’t even be found by a magnified camera.

What is a silk mesh closure?

A silk closure is a small fine weave attachment designed for use as a closure at the crown of the head to complete a sew in or bonded weft weave. When the closure is in place, it looks like your scalp. Closures enhance the finished look of your weave design. Attach the closure for a true parting, side part, crown or bangs. Closure pieces are most commonly attached onto a cornrow base by securing it around the perimeter. However this is by no means the only way to attach it. Use your favorite method of weaving to form your style. Closures are for the crown of the head and they are NOT A FRONTAL THAT GOES FROM EAR TO EAR.

What is Fray Block?

Fray Block is essential in making sure the lace on your wig does not fray. It prevents fraying, lace dries quick, clear, soft and flexible. Fray block is Washable and dry cleanable.

What is the Difference Between 100% Indian Remy Hair & 100% Indian Virgin Hair?

Indian Remy Hair units are a midgrade quality hair. This hair comes from more than one donor, all hairs have the same direction from end to top, no and generally never tangle and matt. Most quality human hair is of this grade. This is excellent hair if well taken care of and I highly recommend it.

Indian Virgin hair,
also called cuticle or cut hair; is the highest quality human hair you can find on the market. This hair is taken from one donor and
all hairs have the same direction from end to top, and generally never tangle and matt. All of the hairs from the one donor are used to make one unit. The hair is in the most natural state, free from chemical processing of any kind. Virgin hair is more expensive because the cuticles of the hair are all intact and facing in the same direction.

There is also bottom grade hair on the market that is taken from various donors, or salons and is processed and treated to fashion a human hair wig. Some of this hair may even include a mix of human hair and synthetic fibers. If you want a less expensive alternative purchase to the 100% Indian Remy hair or 100% Indian Virgin hair units; this might be an option for you. We do not carry or sell this quality hair; however you should be able to find this hair in your local beauty store with no problem!

Can I style this hair with curling irons, roller sets, beauty products etc?

Yes. Indian Remy hair can be set and blown dry to suit the individual. It is the softest and most natural hair available to buy. It looks and feels like actual hair, because it is! This hair is not something you see at the beauty supply store. (Heating implements are not recommended for extremely curly textures and very light colored wigs, as dryness, brittleness, and excessive shedding can result.)

How long will my hair unit last?

Lace wigs and hair units can last for several months or even years depending on your usage and upkeep. The most important thing that I can tell you is to care for your investment well. Use quality hair care products that are designed for high quality human hair. The one most important advice that I would give someone for extending the life of their unit is to purchase Knot & Tab Tape Sealer! The types of glues that are used during the application method also apply to the life span of your unit. If you plan to wear your unit continuously, the natural need for a new unit will become greater as the hair naturally degrades due to extended periods of use. I have heard of units lasting from 3 months to over a year or longer. It really depends on the quality of the hair and how well you maintain it.

Can I swim or go to the gym and sweat with my frontal lace unit on?

Yes. You can do your usual activities on a daily basis. Only avoid swimming or sweating for 24 hours after applying adhesives and tapes. If you use the No Tape bond adhesive, you only have to wait until it is dry. Other than that, no one will ever know the hair is not growing from your own scalp! Make sure you use a waterproof adhesive. Not all adhesives and glues are waterproof. The combination of the Scalp Protector and No Tape bond adhesive will ensure the strongest and best water resistant application available.

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