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Scalp Protectors & Conditioners

Scalp Protector Spray

Improves adhesion for: hot & humid weather, oily skin, sports, swimming. Prevents irritation from tape & adhesives.

Clean skin where tape is to be applied with rubbing alcohol. Apply scalp protector and let dry until it is not tacky to touch. Do not apply to severely irritated skin. This product is not meant to replace tape or liquid adhesive.

2 oz. Spray Bottle
 - $7.00 US

HPH Scalp Protector

It is a new skin sealer, improved adhesion for hot and humid weather, oily skin, sport and swim. Prevents skin irritation. 1.1 oz bottle.

Price per bottle: $7.00

Wig Adhesives

Secure Silicone, Soft-Bonding Adhesive

Clear, silicone bonding adhesive with a convenient brush-cap application. Bonds upto 6 weeks. Recommend to be used in conjunction with Skin Shield skin protector and sealer for an even better and longer-lasting hold.

Application: Brush on

INGREDIENTS: Silicon Adhesive, Ethyl Acetate

.5 oz $15.00 US

Ultra Hold Glue Adhesive

For use with extended wear bonding only. This adhesive can easily provide up to 4 weeks of super-strength attachment. Ultra Hold isn't only the name, BUT also a great description of what you'll get! Although it's on the expensive side, anyone who has had problems getting a long-lasting bond using other adhesives will LOVE the strength and security offered by this product. It is also made from a waterproof, "non-yellowing" formula and comes with a brush-on applicator.

Since the fluid is thicker than most, we highly recommend using only a single, thin layer. Allow to dry before placing unit on head and use with Adjust-A-Bond for best results. 0.5 oz. Bottle

Vapon No Tape Silicon-based Adhesive

Provides a very strong bond for extended wear. NOT recommended for daily wear. Great for use on both lace and polyurethance hair systems and comes in a compact squeeze tube with a tiny applicator tip.

Vapon No-Tape has a 2-3 week hold time.

Any solvent will do, but C- 22 Citrus Solvent is recommended.

1 oz. Tube -  US $25.00

HPH 4 Week Breathable Bonding Tape, 12x1.5”

This is not a Tape; it is pure bonding glue in tape format!

This tape will hold any hair system in place for four weeks! Swim, shower, sports, exercise.

Click here for application instructions

1 strip $5.00 US 

HPH Matte Bonding Tape

1.5" x 3/4"
for 4 week attachment on lace front
Packaging: 40 per bag!

Price per bag: $17

SATIN Lace Tape Contours (36 pieces per bag)

Satin Lace Tape Contours create a more natural front hairline and no shine. Each thin-stick is less than ” wide and is 3” in length, offering a 3 – 6 Week Hold*. The tape bends easily to place around the perimeter of a lace front or full lace wig. Satin Lace Tape provides a great long lasting hold! *Attachment time varies from one individual to another, the oiler the skin the shorter the hold time.


True-Blue Mini-Contours (36 pieces per bag)

Extenda-Bond Tape Mini-Strip tabs with Holes (True-Blue tape) have double sided adhesive providing a long lasting, strong hold of up to 3 – 6 week hold time* each strip is ” x 1 ” and is clear with low shine; it is as thin as plastic wrap and provides a strong hold for extended wear of your lace unit. This tape can also be used in combination with liquid adhesives. *Attachment time varies from one individual to another, the oiler the skin the shorter the hold time.

$7.00 US

Supertape (36 pieces per bag)

Super Tape Contour strips are pre-cut to fit the natural contour at the front hairline of lace wigs and hair units. Supertape is a lace wig tape that is popular for extended wear bond. It boasts an incredibly long-lasting hold time, similar to our Proflex line. However, many of our clients claim that it does not break down as much and is easier to clean after removal.

$8.00 US

Wig Care
Fray Block

Fray Block is essential in making sure the lace on your wig does not fray. It prevents fraying, lace dries quick, clear, soft and flexible. Ultra-fine precision tip. Washable and dry cleanable.

This item must be shipped via ground transportation (standard shipping within the U.S. only)

Manufacturer label:
Directions: 1) Run tube under hot tap water for 3 minutes; shake for 30 seconds. 2) Unscrew cap from tube. 3) Puncture a small hole in the top of the tube. 4) Screw cap back on tube. 5) Unscrew cap from tip. 6) Dispense a small amount of Fray Block 7) Allow to dry.
Always pre-test Fray Block. Flammable material. Do not use near heat or flame. Avoid contact with eyes. If contact occurs, flush eyes with water for 15 minutes. Consult Physician. KEEP OUT OF CHILDREN'S REACH

$6.00 US 1.1/2 oz

HPH Tangle Free Magic

For human hair lace units

Packaging: 1 bottle, 4oz (118mL)

Price per bottle: $15.00

HPH Knot & Tape Tab Sealer Spray

A must for Lace Front or Full Lace Wigs. It helps prevent hair shedding by sealing the knots at the base. Strengthens and seals Lace Fronts and bases so they will last longer and tapes will adhere better. Also seals urethane tape tabs to prevent deterioration. Use on new wigs or hair systems and each time after cleaning. Spray knot sealer on inside of base and let dry. On new wig or hair system apply 2-3 times, drying between coats. Read directions on package carefully; we recommend that this be sprayed in a well-ventilated area, such as outdoors.

4 oz -

Wig Removal Supplies

C-22 Citrus Solvent

A citrus based, fast-acting cleaner for scalp and all hair systems! Works faster and more effectively. Gentle on skin and rinses off with soap and water.

4 oz. Bottle  -  $6.00 US

99% Isopropyl Alcohol

Releases units quickly for removal, cleans oils from the skin prior to bonding, and effectively removes adhesive from skin and unit.

16 oz bottle - $5.99 US
(ground shipping only)

HPH Lace Adhesive & Tape Remover

No acetone - No alcohol

4 oz bottle: $6.00

Additional Supplies

Nylon Wig Caps

Wig Caps cover the hair underneath full lace wigs and simulate natural scalp color for true partings. Lightweight stretch cap holds hair securely in place. Available in black, dark brown, or tan. 1/pack

 $4.00 each

Please Chose A Color

Bandage Wraps

EACH Cohesive Bandage is 2" x 5 YDS (stretched)

  • Self Adhering; lightly adheres to itself, but not to skin or hair

  • 8 pound tensile strength 

  • Maintains original shape and size 

  • Each cohesive bandage is individually wrapped

  • Easily molds to body contours, allowing flexibility and comfort without restricting movement.

  • Provides consistent light compression does not tighten with wear.


 $3.00 each


Styrofoam Head


"12"Styrofoam Manikin Heads are ideal for styling your hair unit after shampooing and conditioning. Can be used also for storing wigs when not being worn.

 $5.00 each



1 ” long, steel nickel plated, rust proof and will not bend.
T-Pins hold wigs and hair units securely onto the manikin head for styling.

Quantity: 5 pins/pack US$1.00
10 pins/pack US$2.00
15 pins/pack US$3.00

T-pin pack size

Starter Kits

Starter Kit

Kit Includes:
1- Scalp Protector Spray 2 oz
1-40 pcs HPH Matte bonding Tape (VERY STRONG)
1- Ultra Hold 0.05 oz
1-C22 Solvent Cleaner 4 0z

US $35.00
Premium Starter Kit

Kit Includes:
1- HPH Knot & Tape Tab Sealer 4 oz
1-Scalp Protector Spray 2 oz
1-Vapon No Tape 1 oz
1-Ultra Hold 0.5 oz
1-C22 Solvent Cleaner 4 oz 

US $55.00

Wig Maintenance Kit

Kit Includes:
1-HPH Tangle Free Magic 4 oz
1-Nearly Natural Silk Shampoo 8 oz
1-Nearly Natural Silk Protein Conditioner 8 0z
1-Nearly Natural Moisture Mist 4 oz
1-NearlyNatural Softening Solution 2 oz 


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